Digital Learning

Micro-learning via Gnowbe

Apply the lessons in THE GRAY RHINO to your personal life with “What’s Your Gray Rhino [Personal Edition]: A Framework for Wrangling Your Biggest Challenges,” a new interactive micro-learning course via the innovative Gnowbe platform.

Risk Governance via the DCRO Institute

Improve your risk governance skills with virtual classes at the DCRO Risk Governance Institute. For more information about blended virtual and guided cohort courses, email

In 17 sessions that you can take whenever your schedule permits, the DCROI’s Certificate in Risk Governance® course covers risk factors from credit and liquidity risk to ESG and more. It includes a core module on applying gray rhino theory to board governance. Also known as The Board Members’ Course on Risk®, this program features lectures by and practical case study interviews with more than 50 board members, c-suite executives, and leading authors, all recognized as among the best in their field. In addition, dozens of additional key takeaway materials are provided as you progress through the program.

Risk Fingerprint Forensics via Risk Awareness Week

How can we make good risk decisions without understanding the often unspoken influences on how we perceive and respond to dangers and opportunities?

Understanding the reasons behind why each of us –and those around us— see and respond to risk and opportunity the way we do will help you to make better choices. To identify underlying biases and counter them, start by analyzing individual and organizational risk fingerprints: the combination of innate personality or organizational culture, past experiences; and the environment, processes, and habits you create. This session helps you to become more aware of your team’s risk fingerprints and optimize your risk culture by taking them into account.

Learn about some of the surprising factors -like what you had for lunch or the mix of people in the room- that affect your ability to handle risk wisely. Take away insights about how a diverse set of risk fingerprints can improve your risk taking. Use these ideas to improve teamwork and negotiation skills through risk empathy.

View my workshop “The Art of Risk Fingerprint Forensics” on demand.

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