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Gray Rhino & Company helps decision makers to gain strategic advantages by improving the way they manage obvious, high impact risks and challenges. A “gray rhino” is a clear and present danger in business, life, and the world that gives decision makers a choice to respond: to get trampled, to get out of its path, or to harness its strength to seize an opportunity.

While humans are all too likely to neglect, downplay, or outright ignore gray rhinos, we are not condemned to do so. Leaders and organizations that recognize and act on the gray rhinos in front of them have a strategic advantage. Gray Rhino & Company helps you to channel the power of the gray rhino to work for you.

If you’ve read Gray Rhino & Company founder Michele Wucker’s book THE GRAY RHINO, How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore, you know that gray rhinos don’t happen in a vacuum. They hang out with a menagerie of troublemakers: the elephant in the room, the see-no-evil monkeys, the black swan, and the ostrich with its head in the sand.

The name Gray Rhino & Company refers to the reality that just as the gray rhino doesn’t work alone, neither should leaders who want to confront potential threats and turn them into opportunities.

Gray Rhino & Company Founder Michele Wucker works in partnership with thought leaders, analysts, and industry experts to help your organization and constituents to identify and re-examine gray rhinos and to strategize smart responses.

Contact us for more information about speaking, consulting, workshops, advisory, board work, and educational materials to help you lead your organization out of the path of your organizational, industry, or investment gray rhinos, whether they are still on the horizon or charging right at you.

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