NEW Microlearning Course: What’s Your Gray Rhino [Personal Version]

Many readers have told me how you used some of the ideas in The Gray Rhino in your personal lives: health, finances, career, elder care, and more. I’m delighted to share my brand-new micro-learning course that helps people to tame those big, looming issues you’ve struggled to face.

Hosted on the innovative Gnowbe digital platform, the course is broken down into ten sessions with bite-sized lessons and exercises that you can do on your mobile device or computer.

This course helps you to recognize the obstacles to dealing with known challenges and develop and execute strategies to overcome them. By the end, you will be able to:

1) Identify and combat cognitive biases that get in the way of dealing with known challenges;

2) Improve your decision-making skills;

3) Develop a concrete, actionable plan for prioritizing and managing the risks you face;

4) Shift your mindset from Can’t to Can;

5) Turn adversity into an asset

Learn more and order the course here:

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Click the “buy” button on the link above and use early bird code 0U1XGB6 for 50% off through November 30, 2022.