Interview with Quebec Immigration Minister Yolande James

Immigrant Policy in Québec:  Successes and Lessons Learned

Video of my discussion with Yolande James, Minister of Cultural Communities, Government of Quebec, at the World Policy Institute April 7, 2010.

Canada has long taken pride in its reputation for successfully welcoming immigrants. Nevertheless, like other immigrant destinations, it has faced challenges like combating racism, matching immigrants’ skills with appropriate jobs, and ensuring that immigrants have the language skills they need. Under a bilateral agreement with the Canadian federal government, Québec is able to make its own policies on the immigrants it selects, and to design and implement its own policies on integration and diversity -that is, “immigrant” policies, and not just “immigration” policies.

Québec’s Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities Yolande James, the daughter of Canadian citizens who emigrated from St. Lucia and St. Vincent, spoke with WPI Executive Director Michele Wucker about Québec’s successes and the lessons that it has learned.  Minister James also spoke about how Québec has used immigration policies to support Haiti following the January 12 earthquake.

Who Gets A Voice?: Immigrants and Civic Engagement

Title: Who Gets A Voice?: Immigrants and Civic Engagement
Location: New York City
Link out: Click here
Description: I’ll be moderating a public debate Tuesday evening, June 30, hosted by the World Policy Institute and Demos with panelists Maria Teresa Petersen of Voto Latino; Tamar Jacoby, Immigration Works USA; Gara Lamarche, Atlantic Philanthropies; and Hiroshi Motomura, UCLA and Author of Americans in Waiting. For more details and to register, follow the link.
Start Time: 6:00
Date: 2009-06-30
End Time: 8:30