You Are What You Risk Korean Edition Launches

YOU ARE WHAT YOU RISK is now available in South Korea via Miraebooks

Media coverage:

Maeil Business Newspaper author interview: ‘Grey Rhino’ asks again after 5 years “Your risk fingerprint… Did you understand?”

Maeil Business Newspaper review review

Econonovil[Taesan Joo Book Review] “The second ‘gray rhino’ is running, get on it!”

Global HR Forum (Seoul)

Video from my comments at the Global HR Forum in Seoul, South Korea, November 2, 2011, on a panel “Are We Headed Towards Another Global Economic Crisis?” with Professor Francis Fukuyama of Stanford University, Professor Weiping Huang of Renmin University of China, and Moderator Seunghoon Lee, Professor Emeritus, Division of Economics, Seoul National University

(My comments begin at 53:20) The short answer is no -we’re not in another global economic crisis because we never left the one we already have been in.