Confronting a Superstorm of Challenges: A New American Grand Strategy

I was honored to moderate this year’s Tisch Forum on Public Health at Hunter College Roosevelt House, “Confronting a Superstorm of Challenges: A New American Grand Strategy,” on November 18, 2013.


Public health is intertwined with a host of other issues, including environmental policy, climate change, national security and the economy. Panelists PATRICK DOHERTY, Deputy Director of the National Security Studies Program at The New America Foundation; RICHARD JACKSON, Joan H. Tisch Distinguished Fellow in Public Health at Hunter College; and COL. MARK MYKLEBY, Senior Fellow, Smart Strategy Initiative, The New America Foundation explored the ways in which U. S. public health policy must, be formulated in the broadest possible context. The silos in which policy in each area has been created — a divided approach which has outlived its usefulness — are outmoded and counterproductive. We had a wide-ranging and stimulating discussion on how to build and follow through on a new approach to public health, how to frame highly probable, high impact threats, and how to strategize related threats on multiple fronts.

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