Les Haïtiens doivent être partie prenante de la reconstruction

Les Haïtiens doivent être partie prenante de la reconstruction

Il faut à tout prix éviter de refaire les erreurs du passé et utiliser la reconstruction comme une occasion d’engager la société civile haïtienne…..

  • Par Michele Wucker
  • Michele Wucker est la directrice exécutive du World Policy Institute (Institut des politiques mondiales) et l’auteure de Why the Cocks Fight: Dominicans, Haitians, and the Struggle for Hispaniola [Pourquoi le coq se bat: Dominicains, Haïtiens et le combat pour Hispaniola]

(translation of the article that appeared on Jannuary 19th)

Toronto Star Jan 23-This little (Creole) piggy

This little (Creole) piggy once stood for Haitian pride

That fact should be top of mind as leaders gather in Montreal this week to plan country’s rebuilding

by Kenneth Kidd

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My two cents:

The danger, says Michele Wucker, executive director of the World Policy Institute in New York, is that talks could get mired in an ideological debate over the role of the private sector and the state in Haiti’s future.

“You need both,” says Wucker. “You need an engaged private sector, a strong state, and you need accountability for both.

“In the best-case scenario, the rebuilding process is done in such a way that Haitian civil society is engaged, that there’s a way for communities to communicate what their priorities are.”

And whatever the eventual details of that reconstruction, attaining one legacy may well be crucial.

“The focus (should be) on collaboration and building the capacity of the Haitian government, so that, at the end of the process, we have some institutions that can withstand changes of government at the top.”